? Trout Industries Diff Ring Tech Bulletin

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Diff Ring Tech Bulletin
Below you will find the Trout Industries Diff Ring Tech Bulletin

Due to all of the years of manufacturing, tooling wear, differential cover thickness (front covers tend to be thicker) and aftermarket pieces, it is not uncommon for the differential ring to not sit completely flat on the bolt flange of the differential cover. Like all of our parts, the primary purpose of the Trout Industries Diff Ring is to provide the average fabricator with limited tools (like a welder, grinder, basic skills, and an imagination) with the ability to fabrication high quality, rugged pieces for their vehicle…whatever it may be! The profiles and hole patterns have been precisely measured and designed using the latest in equipment and software. The Diff Rings are CNC laser cut from 3/8” mild steel plate to precisely fit their respective differentials.

You might need to clearance grind the rear inside corner to match the radius formed into cover from the manufacturing (stamping) process so the Trout Industries Diff Ring will sit flat on the bolt flange.  This is relatively easy and only takes about 10 minutes with a 4 ? inch angle grinder


Step 1) Make sure the flange of your differential cover is clean and smooth. Remove any gunk, build-up, and raised metal from around the edges. 

Step 2) Place the Trout Industries Diff Ring over the cover so the bolt holes in the ring match up with the cover.  CAUTION:  Check this very carefully as some rings are nearly symmetrical, but the bolt-holes will only line-up on one way.

Step 3) Measure the gap between the underside of the Trout Industries Diff Ring and the top of the differential cover.  This is approximately how far up the inside of the diff ring, and how far over from the side on the rear face you will have to clearance to get the ring to fit.  Mark the ring for reference.   TECH TIP: I also mark the “front” and “back” of the Diff Ring at this time to prevent making a mistake in the future.

Step 4) Start grinding on the inside corner of the Trout Industries Diff Ring, occasionally checking the ring to cover fitment.  I typically use a standard hard grinding wheel for this.  Make sure that there is no burr on the rear face of the Trout Industries Diff Ring that will hold the ring up.  Continue to remove material and check fitment until the ring sits flat on the cover and makes contact all the way around.

Step 5)  After the ring sits flat on the diff cover, I prefer to clean up the clearance area with a flap-wheel or sanding disk in the grinder.  This is primarily to remove any burrs and smooth out the grinding marks from the coarse grinding wheel. 

Now that the Trout Industries Diff Ring mates properly with your differential cover, you are ready to fabricate your own differential protection and weld it on to the Trout Industries Diff Ring. 

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